Spike Lee Wakes Them Up

The first Oscars was held on May 16, 1929 at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel. Louis B. Mayer a white man was the founder of the Oscar awards. The awards started off excusive and was not televised nor was it broadcasted. Many years later the little awards have grown and become known as one of the... Continue Reading →


Slut Shaming

  What is slut shaming? Slut shaming is when you call a woman a hoe for wearing things that reveal her skin and are too short like crop tops, shorts, skirts, and dresses. This also can include low cut tight shirts, bralettes, thighs, and yoga pants. Another form of slut shaming is when you judge... Continue Reading →

African American LGBTQ+ Community

The African American LGBTQ+ Community is hurting, and we are dying everyday. We are dying because we do not have the support we need within our community and outside of our community from other LGBTQ+ community that supports the white gay children. I know some people are like here she goes again it's a about... Continue Reading →

Love, Simon Review

Summary  Love, Simon is an LGBTQ love story that came out on March 16th 2018. The movie is about a young man who is a senior in high school trying to find himself. Simon finds out at a young age that he is gay and has been hiding it ever since. His family dosen't know... Continue Reading →


Sometimes I wonder why God let’s certain people go through certain stuff. Most of my life it felt like I’ve been living in hell on earth. I know some people are like what is she talking about hell on earth. I just feel like I go through so much stuff I can never catch a... Continue Reading →

Religious Issues with Birth Control

There has always been a battle with religion and reproductive health. Can we all just agree that religion just gets into everything like it's always some with that darn religion. Religion is a powerful force in America because we were founded on religion and it's in a bill of right and constitution. Without religion starting... Continue Reading →

Why is Birth Control a Big Issue?

Brief history of Birth Control There have been so many methods of birth control formed since the early 3000 B.C. Women have been trying to prevent pregnancy forever and it all started with condoms made with materials like fish bladders, linen sheaths, and animal intestines. Margaret Sanger was the first to open a clinic in... Continue Reading →

Letter to Self

Dear me, Not only did you make it to your 20th birthday, but you made it to a new year. 2018 was your awakening. You had to lose yourself to find yourself and you had to let go to grow. This was not easy for you because you were afraid of lost you were afraid... Continue Reading →

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